application area

  1. Ensuring cross fertilization between transportation sectors (Automotive, Aeronautics, Railway Systems) representing large market size
  2. The focal point for driving research strategies and implementation for embedded systems in transportation, networked with other key stakeholder such as Technology Platforms (ACARE, ERRAC, ERTRAC) and Industrial Associations (EUCAR, CLEPA, UNIFE, ASD) and Funding Authorities (ARTEMIS JTI, ITEA2, …)
  3. Transportation sectors have longer R&D lead times compared to other ARTEMIS industrial sectors such as consumer and telecom, must ensure a consistency of research strategy and support of SRA covering these longer lead times
  4. Shared topics of key strategic relevance for all transportation sectors (such as dependability, safety, robustness, …), pushing this jointly speeds up deployment of R&D
  5. Strategy for fast industrial take-up of project results with strong industrial impact, including support of technology platforms (coherent suite of tools addressing unique features in the development of embedded systems for transportation)
  6. Eco-system for cooperation of SME, research, and large industrial stakeholders in the transportation domain, including education strategy
  7. Open to all ARTEMISIA members active in the transportation domain (participation in EICOSE working groups for project incubation, and in E²GEST for roadmapping)
  8. Integrating excellence in R&D within the EICOSE Think-Tank

Aerospace Valley



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