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Aerospace Valley

The Aerospace Valley non-profit association is a world-class cluster which aims at developing, on a national, European, and international level, the competitiveness of the aerospace and embedded systems sector in the Midi-Pyrenees and Aquitaine regions of France. In the field of embedded systems, Aerospace Valley addresses systems and specially saftey critical systems in aircrafts and spacecrafts as well as in automotive and other terrestrial transport vehicles, promoting technology transfer between industries. The association gathers enterprises, education and research centres, and public institutions concerned with the sector in both regions.


The SafeTRANS competence cluster strives to become the leading competence network in processes and development methods for embedded safety critical applications and is dedicated to achieving the societal goal of maintaining high safety levels of transportation systems through coordinated research in the area of safety critical embedded systems engineering. SafeTRANS drives research in human centered design, in system and software development methods for embedded systems, as well as in safety analysis and - for avionics and rail - its integration in certification processes, driven by a harmonised research strategy addressing the needs of the transportation sector.

SYSTEM@TIC Paris-Region

At the heart of the digital revolution, the SYSTEM@TIC PARIS-REGION world-class cluster aims to maintain the leadership of large system integrators by supporting their R&D activities in the Paris region, contribute to the creation and growth of technological SME with global ambitions, and promote the Paris region's image of excellence abroad. The cluster focuses on software methods and tools enabling to develop embedded systems, related to four booming applicative/target markets: Telecoms, Security/Defence, Automotive/Transport, System Design and Development Tools. Chaired by an industry representative and coordinated by a permanent secretariat, the cluster is a non-profit association.

Aerospace Valley



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