Harmonising R&D priorities / Roadmapping

A focused Strategic Research Program requires R&D priorities defined by the involved industries in cooperation with leading academic institution and harmonised both, on a national as well as on and European level. EICOSE is instrumental in achieving this in the area of processes and methods for complex safety critical systems in the transportation domain. EICOSE has installed three theme-oriented working groups for identification of research challenges, priorities, and approaches within their scope, as well as E²GEST (EICOSE Expert Group on Embedded Systems for Transportation), which combines representatives from EICOSE working groups, EICOSE clusters and other leading European industrial and academic experts of ARTEMIS organisations to define and harmonise R&D themes, prioritizing them and provide input to national and European funding programs, such as ARTEMIS and ITEA. In this way, EICOSE has driven three out of the eight subprograms in the current ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking Call for Project Proposals.
EICOSE contributed to:
In 2010, EICOSE will publish a Transportation Roadmap. A summary of the EICOSE Transportation Roadmap can be downloaded here (PDF / 3,7 MB).

Project Incubation

The implementation of Strategic Research Programs is naturally done by R&D projects. Large scale programs require large scale projects for their implementation, with key players in the relevant domains as partners. EICOSE currently supports five so called working groups, in which project incubation is fostered. Project ideas, outlines, and proposals as well as consortium formations are conceived by EICOSE working groups in close collaboration with E²GEST to keep the focus on relevant themes. EICOSE's project incubation process has led to the formation of numerous FP7 and national project proposals and has been instrumental for consortium formation and project definitions for the first ARTEMIS JU call.

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