about EICOSE organisation

Steering Board

EICOSE governance consists of a Steering Board of 9 persons (3 representatives per cluster, 2 from industry, 1 from academic/research institutes).

  • Definition and Update of EICOSE organisation structure
  • Election of Executive Board
  • Review & Acceptance of EICOSE Priorities/Roadmap
  • Decision to award EICOSE Label
  • Decision regarding strategic issues
  • Decision to accept other clusters as EICOSE members
  • Creation, Closing, and definition of Working Groups
Meeting frequency: minimum 2 per year.

The Steering Board elects the Executive Board (one elected member per cluster).

Executive Board

  • Manage / control all EICOSE processes/operations
  • Ensures external representation
  • Elects chairman of the Executive Board
Meeting frequency: monthly meeting.

A Chairperson is elected by the members of the Executive Board with a yearly rotation per cluster.

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Associated Members

EICOSE has two Associated Members:
  • ARTEMIS Austria

  • The Spanish technology cluster Tecnalia

Associated Members may be organisations (industry, research institutes, etc.), members of ARTEMISIA, which need not necessarily be legal bodies (e.g. it is possible for a subdivision of a research institute to become an associated member, etc.).

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